Relational database that's optimized for document automation

Store data collected in your apps, then use that data to quickly auto-populate document templates

By Thomas Officer

How to build this

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Why build this?

  • Create an administrative dashboard that's tailored to your business. Give yourself and your staff a bird's eye view of your data.
  • Make your data useful — You should be able to click on a row of data and instantly use it to auto-populate a document template.
  • Stop doing manual data entry — Build apps that collect and send data directly to your database.


This template is made up of a database and 2x apps.

  • The database includes 2x tables, one for customers and another for children. The database is set up so that a customer "has many" children, and each child "belongs to" a customer.
  • Intake app: This is a public-facing app that you can use to collect data and send that data back to your database.
  • Document automation app: This app allows you or your staff to use the data in your database to auto-populate a document template.


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