Legal referral service

All-in-one solution for legal referral services


A single system for clients, lawyers, and admins that allows you to manage everything from online / phone referrals to remittance collection and report generation.


Promote your service with a modern, mobile-friendly client website that reflects your brand. Give the public the web experience they've come to expect from companies like Airbnb and Amazon but from a local organization they can trust.

Dynamic Intake: With dynamic intake, you can toggle your service’s online intake between a suite of different modes, including staff review, self referral, and client choice.

Automated Follow Up: Conduct follow up with your users using automated features for generating receipts and surveying client satisfaction.

Fully customize: Use the no-code platform to fully customize your intake -- with document automation, upfront intake fees, and more.


Make it easier than ever for your lawyer members to participate in your service, from receiving referrals to reporting and remitting payment.

Reporting: Lawyers can use their accounts to view each request’s details, history, and status, as well as add reports and notes on the matters.

Payment Processing: Lawyers can remit payment directly via the platform, using Stripe or LawPay.

Profile Management: Lawyers can log in and update their biographical information, profile picture, and professional liability insurance, as well as manage their availability.


This admin dashboard provides your service with a robust way to oversee operations. Routine administrative tasks that used to take days or weeks are automated, freeing up precious staff time to focus on growing your membership and impact.

Phone Intake: Phone and in-person intakes can easily be processed via the platform, giving your staff an integrated, end-to-end system for managing every type of referral.

Membership Management: The admin dashboard makes it easy to create, edit, and disable lawyer accounts, as well as conduct automated management of reporting and payment compliance.

Report Generation: At the click of button, staff can generate data-rich reports , letting you closely monitor engagement and performance across your service.mater

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