Model Vaccine Availability Tracker

This is a database with connected automations for crowdsourcing vaccine availability

By Scott at Afterpattern

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Inspired by the work of volunteers in California and Massachusetts (and this call for matching models!), the Afterpattern team has created a model vaccine availability tracker that can be easily replicated and deployed in other states. The model tracker is free and built on Afterpattern's no-code platform so you can duplicate and use it without being a programmer.

Note: Before setting up an effort, we recommend doing a search to see if other initiatives have already been started in your state or if your state health department has developed a tracker of its own.

How it works

The vaccine availability tracker has four components:

  1. Availability App: An online form where members of the public can search by county and see matching sites with availability. Includes printable results.
  2. Update App: An online form where members of the public can submit updates to site availability.
  3. Review App: The administrator of the tracker can approve or reject updates submitted by the public. Only approved submisssions will update the site availability database.
  4. Database: A database for storing information about counties, site availability, and logs of all updates.

How to contact us

Want to chat about how to use this template or build something similar? Please feel free to reach out.

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