🎉 NetDocuments acquires Afterpattern!

See what this means for the future of legal workflow automation.

Everything you need to
build “no code” automations

Afterpattern allows you to transform your expertise into software products that collect information, give advice, and automation documents.

App Builder

If you can build an online form, you can build an app

Collect information

Use questions to collect information from the end-user.

Give advice

Create logical rules that process data collected from the end-user. This allows you to encode business logic and legal rules into your apps.

Automate documents

Populate document templates (Word, PDF, and email) with data collected from the end-user.


Spreadsheets with the power of a database

Save app data

Save the data collected in your apps. You can also build your own analytics dashboard to track app useage.

Relational tables

Turn your “dumb” spreadsheets into a “smart” database with special relational columns that link 2+ tables together.

Store files

Cells in your tables can store many different types of data, including documents and images.

Document automation

Use apps and databases to populate document templates

Go beyond “find & replace”

Create dynamic templates that change based on user inputs. With conditional logic, one template can produce infinite documents.

Word add-in

Build templates directly in Microsoft Word with our free add-in.

PDF editor

Make any PDF fillable. After you populate a PDF template with data, you can flatten it or leave it fillable.


Turn your apps and database into a web portal

Invite customers

You can either allow anyone to sign up to your portal or make it invite only.

Share data

Control exactly what data users are able to see and edit.

Build your own platform

Build a custom CRM, legal practice management system, or something fully bespoke to your customer's needs.