🎉 NetDocuments acquires Afterpattern!

See what this means for the future of legal workflow automation.

Escape the limitations of a traditional legal service provider

Clients are starving for affordable, easy-to-use legal products. Transform your expertise into Afterpattern apps that deliver value while you sleep.

Don’t get left behind — There are opportunities all around you

Look at what your clients are not hiring you for — Create a digital product that allows clients to do it on their own and watch as an overlooked service becomes a passive revenue stream.

Greg Siskind

Founder, Siskind Susser PC

Case study

I’ve stumbled across SEO and marketing gold — I built an app that helps people fight traffic tickets and now I rank on the first page of Google for many variations of “traffic ticket” in the biggest city in North America.

Willie Peacock

Lawyer and marketing consultant

Law Firm Marketing Guide (2021)

The turning point for me was when I realized that I was spending an hour with every client just saying the same thing, over and over. Now, I have a Discretionary Trust app that allows me to sell a $1,000 service as a $110 product and capture the market.

Darius Hii

Tax and estate planning lawyer

Case study

Compared to law school, building a legal product is easy

Use the Afterpattern App Builder to create mobile-friendly web apps that can collect information, apply legal rules, automate documents, and more.

Collect information

Your Afterpattern apps looks and feels like a robust online form.

Automate documents

Populate Word of PDF templates with data collected from the end-user.

Send emails

Trigger auto-populated email tempalte for immediate or delayed sending.

Perform logical reasoning

Transform legal rules into code that can be applied to the end-user fact pattern.


Use Afterpattern’s free e-signature feature or add the HelloSign integration.

Collect payments

Collect payments via Stripe or Affinipay (LawPay).

Connect to Zapier

Access a library of thousands of Zaps that integrate with your favorite platforms.

Publish your app

You can choose to publish your app, allow other professionals to duplicate it.

I am 76, retired, no computer background, and I made an app as a volunteer at the local legal Aid. If you want to prove to someone that anyone can build with Afterpattern, send them to me.

John Potter

Judge (retired)