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About the Competition

The “Automated Legal Products Competition” is an annual contest to recognize the best new legal product ideas and help turn them into a reality.

This is a legal product idea competition; you don’t need to have a working product to apply. (We’ll help with that!)

The Pitch Contestants will pitch their legal product business plan to three judges for an opportunity to win a prize valued at over $10,000, including:

$5,000 cash prize

20 hours of tutoring on how to build your legal product with Afterpattern

One-year Enterprise subscription to the Afterpattern platform

The second and third place contestants will win 5 hours of tutoring and a one-year Business subscription to Afterpattern. Additional Pitch Contestants will receive a one-year Professional subscription.

How to Compete

  1. You must have an idea for a new legal product that helps the public or businesses.

  2. You must complete this submission form by 11:59 pm EST on June 25, 2021.

  3. If selected as a Pitch Contestant, you must do a short pitch presentation in late August. The Contestant Pitch-Off will be remote this year (via Zoom webinar).

Read the full contest rules and eligibility requirements.

How judging works

The Afterpattern team will review all eligible submissions and select the top five entries to participate in a pitch contest. Judges will provide written feedback to all of the Pitch Contestants in advance and then select a winner after the pitch event in August. All judging is based on the following criteria:

#1. Idea


Your product idea is judged on three key factors: business model (what value does your product create for your business?), impact (what value does it create for users?), and competitive advantage (what unfair advantage does your team have in building this specific idea?).


Kristen Sonday. Kristen is an experienced legal tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist. She's the Co-founder and COO of Paladin, a pro bono platform that helps law firms and in-house teams increase pro bono engagement while decreasing admin costs, as well as a general partner at LongJump fund, which invests in underrepresented founders in Chicago.


#2. Build


The best legal products are the ones you can actually build. This category is all about your action plan for going from an idea to a live product. Your plan is judged on how well-defined and feasible it is. For example, an idea that can be built entirely using low- or no-code tools is more feasible than an idea that utilizes cutting-edge technology like VR.


Jennette Cheung. Jennette is product manager and head of pro services at Afterpattern. She has deep experience building legal products and has worked with teams across the globe to turn their product visions into reality.


#3. Go-to-Market


For this category, your plan to bring your legal product to market is assessed. You are judged on the marketing channels and tactics you’ll leverage (for example, SEO and paid ads) as well as the viral mechanics you do or don’t plan to build into your product.


Willie Peacock. Willie is lawyer and marketing consultant who loves the art of lead generation. He runs his own estate planning law firm as well as OmniEsq, a legal advertising and development agency


#4. Interest


In advance of the August Pitch Contestant pitches, the five Pitch Contestants will have their product ideas voted on via a public poll.



The Contest Rules

  1. Who can apply: The contest is open to current law students, law firms, and companies based in the United States.

  2. No purchase necessary: Purchasing Afterpattern’s products does not raise your chances of winning.

  3. Deadline: Submissions must be received by 11:59 pm EST on June 25, 2021.

Read the full contest rules and eligibility requirements.

About Afterpattern

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