🎉 NetDocuments acquires Afterpattern!

See what this means for the future of legal workflow automation.

Design a legal practice management system you'll actually use

Combine a relational database, document automation, and an interface builder to create an all-in-one portal for your firm.

Modern law firms think in terms of systems, and the best systems are designed by the people who use it. How do you and your staff collect data from clients? How do you review that data and use it in documents? What kind of reports do you need to measure the health of your firm? Use Afterpattern to build that system. Don't settle for anything less.

Case management

Create a database schema that makes sense for you. Secure, cloud-based storage allows you rest easy knowing that your data is safe and accessible to whoever needs it.

Workflow management

Keep everyone on track by assigning tasks (manually or automatically) and tracking internal action items.

Data collection

Don't waste time waiting for the data you need. Build online questionnaires that collect data at intake or even midway through a matter.

Custom automations

What do you wish you could do? One-click document automation? Allow your staff to apply legal rules to matter data? If you can think of it, you can build it with the Afterpattern App Builder.

Online payments

Accept credit card payments to get paid faster and give clients a user-experience they're familiar with and trust.

I'm 76, retired, no computer background, and I made an app as a volunteer at the local legal aid. If you want to prove to someone that anyone can build with Afterpattern, send them to me.

John Potter

Judge (retired)

Afterpattern is trusted by thousands of law firms, courts, and legal aids. We take security and customer support seriously.

Coming soon

NetDocuments has acquired Afterpattern. Updates on how NetDocuments customers can unlock the massive potential of legal automation are coming early in 2022.

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Toolkit for building your LPM

Mix and match these components to create a system that works for you.

A database that reflects exactly how you want to organize your law firm

Don't settle for a database schema that reduces everything to simply Contacts and Matters. What makes sense for you? Building a database with Afterpattern is a simple as adding columns to a spreadsheet. You can even make your database relational, creating relationship between your data for greater clarity and organization.

Simple yet beautiful user-interfaces on top of your database

This is how you create a customized LPM dashboard. You can always edit your database directly, but a simple yet beautiful interface makes it easier for you and your staff to find what you need.

One-click document automations that make your data useful

If you can't use your data to auto-populate document templates (Word, PDFs, even emails), then what's it for? Use Afterpattern to build apps that give you and your staff the super power of one-click document automation.

Legal apps that can apply complex legal rules to your data, allowing everyone to leverage your expertise

Program legal rules into Afterpattern apps and give everyone in your firm the ability to leverage your expertise without having to bother you directly. Don't want to program apps? You can buy them from other legal professionals and easily add them to your LPM system.


Get started in 5 minutes with our LPM template

Coming soon! Afterpattern was acquired by NetDocuments. Updates on how NetDocuments customers can unlock the massive potential of legal automation are coming early in 2022.


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