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A more efficient way to gather and manage client data

Stop asking clients to uploading everything they have to a shared Dropbox or Google Drive folder, forcing you to sift through outdated and duplicate documents.

Use an Afterpattern intake app and portal instead.

Gather data

Makes it easy for clients to give the data you need

Easy to build

If you can build an online form, you can build an intake app. Start with a template or build from scratch.

Only collect the data you need

Use conditional logic to only ask your clients only for relevant information.

Integrate with Clio

Send data to Clio Manage and automatically associate with the appropriate Contact / Matter.

Explore a live demo of an Afterpattern portal.

Manage data

Allow clients to review and edit the data they've given you

“Check off” completed items

Stop getting duplicated documents by allowing clients to see what they've already uploaded, giving them the opportunity to edit it or move onto next item.

Secure data storage

Thousands of lawyers and dozens of bar associations trust Afterpattern with sensitive client data. Learn more about our data security measures.

Demo video

Trusted by thousands of law firms, courts, and legal aid

I was most surprised by the intuitiveness of Afterpattern as well as the limitless possibilities in creating a customized web portal to fit our specific needs.”

Ashley McGee, Memphis Bar Association

I am 76, retired, no computer background, and I made an app as a volunteer at the local legal Aid. If you want to prove to someone that anyone can build with Afterpattern, send them to me.”

John Potter, Judge (retired)

How do you want to get started?

Build it yourself

Afterpattern is a “no code” automation builder that doesn't require any technical background to learn.

Free to test! See pricing when you're ready to launch.

Helpful university with lessons, video tutorials, and FAQs.

Marketplace for discovering automations to duplicate or for selling your work to other professionals.

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Hire an expert

There are many affordable and approachable Afterpattern experts waiting to help.

Typical project costs between $1,000 - $2,000

If you don't want full-service help, get one-on-one tutoring for $75 / hr. After a single tutoring session you'll be able to build and scale any project.

Save hundreds of dollars with our referral program.

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