Working with List data from a Loop

Demonstrates basic loop operations

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Loops are helpful when you need to repeat questions an indeterminate amount of time.

Let's imagine you want to collect information about the user's children. For each child, you want to know:

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Number of cats they own

How many times do you need to ask these questions? The answer: it depends on how many children the user has.

Loops allow you to repeat this block of questions an indeterminate amount of times.

This app also demonstrates advanced loop operations, such as:

  • Loop Text Block: This block transforms the data from every member of your loop (in this case, every child) into a sentence (or "string" in technical terms).
  • Map to Expressions Block: This block allows you to manipulate the data from every member of your loop. In this example, we use this block to add up the number of cats owned by each child.

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