Automate legal aid for tenants

A demo of how you can help home renters send declarations to their landlord

By NetDocuments

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This template is near exact replica of the CDC Eviction Declaration app made by Ben Carter of the Kentucky Equal Justice Center. This template, and the oringal app, were made with Afterpattern, a free platform for building document automations.

The CDC Eviction Declaration app has helped almost 40,000 people since its launch in September 2020. Read the case study to learn how Ben pulled this off.

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About this template

Why automate legal aid?

Help more people

One person could not help 28,000 people in 4 months without the use of technology. Scale your impact by infusing your expertise into a Legal App.

Leverage social media

An app that helps someone take action straight away, or even learn something now, is more engaging than a PSA or traditional media. This allows you to take advantage of viral effects of social media. As Ben Carter explains, "by sharing our app on social media, people are making it far more likely that others in their network, maybe their cousin who's fallen behind on rent, are aware of the protections available to them and opt in."

Create a repeatable process

Whether your app helps tenants or colleagues, it can be used again and again with 0 marginal cost. You can even allow other organizations to duplicate your app and extend it for their own purposes, thereby scaling your impact beyond your jurisdiction.

Why use Afterpattern?

Afterpattern allows you to build online forms (or "apps"), databases, and document automations for free. No technical experience required!

“Very easy to use. Allows me to get something straight from my head and out into the public.” Greg Siskind, Siskind Susser, P.C.

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