Advanced Date Operators

Calculate whether date provided by user is earlier than date in a table

By NetDocuments

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This app asks the end-user to select their country from a dropdown, then input the date on their visa. With that information, the app informs the end-user on whether or not their visa is still effective.

App logic: If the date on your visa is earlier than your home country's 'travel ban effective date', your visa is no longer valid

App features

  • Table: list of countries and their associated travel ban effective date
  • Data Source Selector Question: allows end-user to select their country from dropdown, where the dropdown options are populated from the table.
  • 2x Expression Blocks: (1) to transform the date on the table into a number (because everything in a table is simply a "string" or piece of text); and (2) to measure whether the visa date is earlier than the travel ban date of the user-selected country.

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