Kentucky Renter Help

Everyone can do something! This app helps renters, lawyers, and allies in Kentucky take action to help prevent evictions.

By KyEqualJustice

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This application is for three different groups of people: 1) renters facing eviction in Kentucky, 2) lawyers helping renters facing eviction in Kentucky, and 3) allies who want to protect people from being evicted during a global pandemic.

Just click the "Start App" button to get started! Depending on who you are, this tool can help you: * get connected to your local legal aid organization for help, * get more information about eviction and (hopefully) helpful links, * demand a jury trial (which won't happen until at least October 1st), * generate an Answer and Jury Demand, spot issues, and create letter and pleading templates, and * email elected officials to demand they do more to protect renters during a global pandemic and economic crisis.

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