Automated Asylum Seeker Intake Assistant

An online triage and intake virtual assistant. Modeled after the New Mexico Legal Aid system.

By djtl

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This app provides a model for an online triage and intake system that can be duplicated and modified by legal aid providers across the United States. The app is based largely on New Mexico Legal Aid's current system. The app includes the following types of questions:

  1. Location Screening: The app screens people who use it based on what zip code they live in.

  2. Income Screening: For people who indicate they have particular categories of legal issues, the app administers a quick income screening. Those who are above 125% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines are exited from the app; those whose incomes fall below the FPG cut-off are permitted to proceed. The income screener can be modified to fit your organization's eligibility criteria.

  3. Issue-Specific Intake: The app includes branching logic so users are only asked questions relevant to the legal issue(s) they have. Questions related to other legal issues are dynamically hidden from the user's view. The app can be modified to fit your organization's practice areas.

Built by DTL.

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Disability benefits Food and cash benefits Unemployment compensation and insurance Utilities, energy, and heating benefits Guardianship and conservatorship Child support Divorce, separation, and annulment Domestic violence and abuse Name change Housing Discrimination Housing conditions Debt and lending money issues Health coverage benefits Eviction Car payment issues