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Demo of how to use URL blocks to generate a link to another website or app.

By Community.lawyer

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This app demonstrates how you can use URL Blocks to construct a link to another app.

Every link to an app consists of several components:

  • The root domain of the app (e.g. https://username.app.law/)
  • The reset value, which is always 1
  • The "i" value, which is a unique string of text that varies by app (e.g. docassemble.playground1:p5wCsLYqU2yA4dDD.yml)
  • And the "key" value, which is another unique stirng of text that varies by app (e.g. "A2ck9aIopROloqCAEKLCqviu2").

If the app you are linking to also uses URL Variables (see the URL Variables recipe app for more info), you can also use a URL Block to define those variables. For example, this demo app links to another app that has two URL variables, "FullName" and "Text" -- and so the URL Block defines those values based on prior inputs in the app.

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