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This app is a demo of a tool to assess whether an investor is accredited for the purposes of a private securities offering


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Disclaimer: This app is meant purely for the purpose of demonstrating's App Builder technology. The law firm referenced throughout this app ("The Law Office of Demo Esquire") is fictitious, and whatever information is contained in this app should not be relied on for its accuracy or completeness. For information about accredited investor status, please visit the Securities and Exchange Commission's website at

Small businesses and startups sometimes offer outside people or entities the opportunity to purchase equity in their venture. These investment opportunities are called "private placements" because, unlike public securities offering, these offerings are not registered with the SEC and do not require extensive public disclosures.

Partly because of the riskier nature of these investments, federal securities law requires that securities offered via private placements only be available to what are called "accredited investors". By virtue of their high net worth, professional background, or legal status, accredited investors are considered sophisticated enough to invest without these disclosures and/or financially secure enough to bear the risk of loss.

For both companies offering securities via private placements and investors considering investing via private placements, it's critically important to assess whether all investors involved are accredited. This app asks a series of questions designed to allow companies and investors to self-assess accredited investor status.

This app is licensed under the MIT License by as of 2019.

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