Authors & Builders

Afterpattern authors and builders create case studies, strategy guides, and downloadable templates.

Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown is the director of Lagniappe Law Lab and works closely with the Louisiana Bar Foundation, LSC, and ABA.

Ben Carter

Ben Carter is the Senior Litigation and Advocacy Counsel at Kentucky Equal Justice Center.

Jack Madans

Jack Madans is the Digital Service Principal at the Judicial Council of California. Founding team member at globally-recognized civic innovation non-profit Code for America.

Thomas Officer

Product designer. Leads design at Afterpattern. Previously, Design Fellow at Blue Ridge Labs @ Robin Hood, UX designer, and securties law analyst.

Willie Peacock

Willie Peacock is a dad, QDRO lawyer, and marketing consultant that loves lead generation, lawyers, and great content.

Greg Siskind

Immigration lawyer, founding partner of Siskind Susser PC, author of several immigration law books, and legal technology pioneer.