🎉 NetDocuments acquires Afterpattern!

See what this means for the future of legal workflow automation.

It's your time to build a better way to practice law.

Use the Afterpattern toolkit to build the document and workflow automations essential to a modern law firm, court, or legal aid.

Trusted by thousands of law firms, courts, and legal aid organizations.

Everything you need to build a modern legal practice.

Afterpattern is a toolkit, not a solution. We provide free customer support, tutorials that show you how to build, and experts for hire that can build on your behalf, but ultimately you decide how Afterpattern fits into your practice.

Use your new toolkit to empower everyone in your team to build innovative solutions to common and complex problems. It's your time to build a better way to practice law.

App builder

Build mobile-friendly web apps. Automate workflows, apply legal rules, send emails, and more.

Template editor

Make any PDF, Word file, or email into an automation-ready template. Populate with your appr or directly from your database.


Collect, organize, and share your data with a secure, cloud-based relational database.


Build your own web portals where others can use your apps and their data, all according to strict permissions set by you.


Escape the limitations of a traditional legal service provider.

Clients are starving for affordable, easy-to-use legal products. Transform your expertise into Afterpattern apps that deliver value while you sleep.

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Build a practice management system you'll actually use.

Combine a straightforward, relational database with document automation apps to create an all-in-one collaborative portal for you and your staff to track cases, tasks, and essential operations.

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Save time and reduce error with document automation.

Transform any Word or PDF document into an intelligent template that can automate highly customized documents.

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